Meet Dr. Jeffery Spilman

Jeffery Spilman, DDS

I am proud that dentistry is one of the most respected and trusted healthcare professions. While many techniques have evolved since I completed dental school in 1991, what hasn’t changed is my approach to patient care: I want each person to know they are important to me, that I value who they are, and want them to achieve their dental goals, whatever they may be.

I especially appreciate the trust and strength it takes for someone who has dental anxiety to reach out to us and schedule an appointment. I promise that my staff and I respect each person’s story and always listen without judgment. We want our patients to feel safe with us, to know we want only the best for them in their lives, and that we work hard to alleviate fear and worry.

Becoming a dentist was a logical path for me. My father is a retired dentist and I grew up seeing how much he cared about his patients’ well-being and how important they were to him. At the same time, I realized that his being a dentist allowed him flexibility to still be a family man. He never missed one of my sporting events!

In the years I have been practicing, I’ve found that it’s the connections I have with patients, and what they teach me, that bring the greatest fulfillment. Each person has a story to tell, and I learn volumes about them, their fascinating lives and experiences, simply by listening.

My patient family, many of whom I consider friends, constantly expand and enrich my life.

Education and Professional Activities

Although my doctoral studies had me well-prepared to see and treat patients, dentistry is a constantly changing profession. The ongoing technological developments, along with new materials and methodologies, offer new options and ways of approaching patient care.

It is my responsibility to stay current on the latest developments: studying and evaluating each in order to determine if it should be brought into the practice. “New” does not always equate to “best,” so I refuse to offer any treatment I would not recommend for a loved one.

I am an active member of the:

These organizations allow me to learn from the leading dental practitioners and researchers. I take a range of continuing education courses at meetings and conferences, as well as attend lectures and seminars, and read the various journals put out by the organizations.

Beyond the Practice

I was raised in Osceola, Indiana and have lived in Florida since 2002. If I’m not in the office, chances are I’m with my family.

Heather, my wife, holds a BSN, MBA, and a PhD. She teaches philosophical ethics and is the smartest woman I know! Her business experience is vital to the health of our practice. She is a member of the honorary nursing sorority Sigma Theta Tau. She was also a professional cheerleader for the Pacers, Colts, and Bulls.

Clayton, our son, is in dental school at the University of Florida. He’s also a scratch golfer and loves to try new cuisine and new places to travel. He is a proud member of the Alpha Tau Omega fraternity.

Emma, our daughter, is also a graduate from the University of Florida. She is currently studing for her GRE and will be applying to PA school soon. Emma swam for the Florida Gators and the 200m butterfly at the Olympic trials.

Our family is rounded out with two toy poodles, Buddy and Baxter.

We’re avid boaters and love traveling and golfing. I also enjoy volunteering with and supporting the Religious Community Association, which feeds the hungry and underserved in Pinellas County as well as the Clearwater Holiday Jazz.

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